The Abbey

This house and it grounds are now Whiteabbey Hospital. The beautiful house was built in 1855…

The 10 Best Irish History Films

THE history of Ireland is complicated, often confusing, sometimes inspiring, and nearly always involves some form of bloodshed.

Given the country’s love for storytelling, it’s little wonder that some brilliant films have been made about the subject over the years.

From the stirring epic Michael Collins to the equally heartwarming and heartbreaking My Left Foot, we’ve put together our Top 10 movies based around real events from Ireland’s past…”

Well that’s another 100 to add to the unread list!

The 30 Best Documentaries

These investigative films examine crime, celebrity, the justice system, and more—and in some cases have sparked real-world change

The 10 best independent bookshops in the world

The Guardian publish this list every year. My secret ambition? is to get Chapter 13 onto…

Go for a walk on Carnmoney Hill

Watch this little video and I bet you’ll be on the hill before the end of…

For the perfect present

We are planning to open our bookshop in Whiteabbey at the end of this summer. We’ll…

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