Make & Create

Two Makerspaces in Whiteabbey

We plan to develop two makerspaces in Whiteabbey by the end of 2021. This will allow us to hold a wide range of creative courses and activities. One space will be in the bookshop and the other will be in a larger unit. Makerspaces are simply workshops where makers can share tools, equipment and knowledge—and our spaces can be used by amateurs and professionals.

Feel good and be happier

Our facilities will give people the opportunity to make and create things. In the biggest study of its kind (almost 50,000 people took part), the Great British Creativity Test examined how creative activities can make us feel happier. The research concluded that even a small amount of creative activity can improve your wellbeing in three main ways:

  1. Distraction – be creative to avoid stress.
  2. Contemplation – be creative to get some perspective on your life.
  3. Self-development – be creative to build up self-esteem and confidence.
Digital Makerspace

The makerspace will provide a wide range of traditional and modern tools and technology- this article gives you an idea of some of idea of what we are aiming to do.