The Railway

The railway has played an important part of our history. I’ll add some more information on to this post but for now ..

The Bleach Green Viaducts


The poster says Greenisland but they are properly called the Bleach Green Viaducts. They carry the mainline to Londonderry over the Larne Line, and were constructed between 1931 & 1933 by the LMS/NCC railway company. There are actually three viaducts carrying the lines from Belfast to Ballymena/Londonderry and Larne Harbour across the Three Mile Water and Valentine’s Glen, to the north of Whiteabbey station. The project also involved the building of a new viaduct for the down Larne line and the creation of a burrowing junction where the down Larne line ran under the main line, the only example in Ireland.

Jordanstown Railway Station

What buck eejit thought it was a good idea to demolish the station in the 1980’s? What were we thinking to let this happen?